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Weekend at Casa Velha looking at COP26

Portugal’s “Our common journey to COP26” gathering took place in Casa Velha, Ourém on the 4th to the 6th of September. The young supporters arrived from different parts of Portugal to a very welcoming dinner already prepared by the locals of Casa Velha.

After dinning together and deepening relationships around the same table, the young volunteers rested for the night and woke up to a beautiful day where Patrícia Fonseca from FEC Organization, presented herself and her organization, responsible for our EcoWeekend. Later on Margarida Alvim, the keeper of the farm and home we were settled in, invited us to touch the ground bellow us and get our hands to work, pruning the plants and taking care of the land. Our morning then finished with Pedro Walpole’s presentation on caring for our common home and a special invitation from EcoJesuit’s Organization.

The afternoon started with a ClimateFresk Workshop that got us working together and getting to know more of what our climate is going through. “Não é Covid, é Coworking” (“It isn’t Covid, it’s Cowroking”) was right afterwards with a creative brainstorming of what we could expect of the 6th of November. And finally, an individual moment of retreat and consolidation of what we’d lived so far.

The arrival of teacher Hemma Tengler at the evening,  took place with a dinner full of joy that ended with a walk beneath the stars. The day after brought up a playfull morning in which teacher Hemma explained us all about activism, giving us diverse tasks all along. The weekend ended up with Giorgio Gotra’s example of how we could have more sustainable lifestyles and once again, with a really nice lunch prepared by how we called them, chef Pedro and chef Leonor, two residentials of Casa Velha.

Rita Barata – Volunteer from FEC

COP 26 will soon take place, in November this year. It is an urgent event also considering the urgency with which climate change is already impacting so many people. As part of the preparation for this event, I had the opportunity to participate in a group organized by the FEC, part of ‘Our Common Journey to COP26’, led by CIDSE. During the first weekend of September, we met at Casa Velha to also prepare Our Common Walk to COP26.

I confess that I was quite expectant to understand what we were going to do and what we were going to take out of that time.

I consider that time to be fascinating. First, because we had the opportunity to hear exceptional people, from different parts of the world, talking about such diverse but united themes. From everyday habits that help us to be more sustainable, through what it is to be an activist and the realities of the Philippines. In addition, we had the opportunity to take care of the land, allowing us to connect with what we want to protect, Our Home.

It fascinates me to see how everything is connected: Me with myself, me with others and with the Planet. And how we cannot neglect any of these parts. I left, and I think I can say, we left this weekend with the commitment to take care of people and the planet more aware and willing to continue this mission that belongs to everyone.

I know I can’t do it all alone, but I also know that I’m not alone and that helps along the way.

Tiago Costa – Volunteer from FEC

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