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Time to reflect

These past days have been very intense: I lived moments full of contrasting emotions, at times even destabilizing, which have led me to reflect on the seriousness of the crisis in which we find ourselves, both environmental and social, and on the responsibilities that we all have, but very often we do not take.

Participating to the POPCOPCAMP, allowed me to fully live the variety and professionalism of the speakers I listened to and made me better understand the complexity of the phenomenon, accurately expressed through numbers, exponential growth and words, protagonists of profound life testimonies.

Thinking back to the conflicting emotions felt during the camp, I felt a lot of anger, sadness and disappointment for many of the harsh realities that were shown to us, but the testimonies of virtuous experiences and the comparison and sharing with other young people made me feel less alone every day, rekindling my hope for a possible change of course.

At the end of the camp, we left with the commitment and the will to make those days spent together bear fruit, so that they could start a common path to be built step by step.

The seeds for change were sown, now it is up to us to make them germinate.

By Anita De Stasio

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