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Worldcamp (2022) in Belgium – a summary!

Oskar from Broederlijk Delen tells us abut his experience at the Wereldkcamp, a youth gathering organized by our Belgian member organisation and which took place at the beginning of July 2022 near Antwerp.

The Worldcamp exceeded all my expectations. Firstly because I knew practically no one there, only Flor and Lim who told me about the camp during a climate march. There was immediately a huge friendly atmosphere. Although I was a little uncomfortable in the beginning, I quickly felt at home in the group. I soon realized that the group – and in fact everyone at the camp – were very open and accepting of each other. This felt very liberating, even people who are otherwise considered a little bit eccentric were now a part of the group, a part of a community full of positivity. This encouraged me to try to create such an atmosphere in my life, because I think the world would be better off, if everyone is a little bit more tolerant. The themes dealt with during the workshops such as inequality, power and climate change were close to my heart. For me, the highlight was the Syrian dance workshop, partly due to the two enthusiastic Syrians who initiated it and partly due to the group who danced so passionately. (We ended up dancing it with all youngster on last night’s free podium) Everyone in our group  ‘Youngsters’ (16-18 y.o.) inspired me in their own way and I went home with a positive vibe. After this experience I was really convinced that we should have the courage to have hope, hope for a better future, hope for a better world.

PS: the food was also very delicious!

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