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Laudato Si’!

The text below is part of Erika's testimony at the most recent eRko youth sustainable camp, which took place in Slovakia in September 2022. I took part to the most recent Slovakian eco camp organized by eRko – Christian Children Communities Movement – during the third weekend in September. Many young people from different Orava... Continue Reading →

Four days cycling across to places of change

“What surprised me” is written on the poster spread out on the wooden floor of the Agenda21 House in Rottweil, a town in southwest Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg. More and more comments are added to the poster: That you can be soaked on the inside as well as the outside because it rains... Continue Reading →


From August 25th until September 1st, our 4 CIDSE supporters Esther, Louve, Sofia and Fanny participated to the Eco Summer Camp organized by our Swiss member organization Fastenaktion and our friends from Lasalle Institute. That week was filled with learnings on sustainable alternatives, new knowledge on the environmental issues, new friendships, time in nature and... Continue Reading →

Intergenerational and sustainable camp!

During the first week of August, I participated in the I Intergenerational Sustainable Camp of Manos Unidas "Caring Hands", which took place in a village in the mountains of Madrid, in Villa Santa Monica. During these days, we have worked and carried out numerous activities based on the idea of three types of care: caring... Continue Reading →

Worldcamp (2022) in Belgium – a summary!

Oskar from Broederlijk Delen tells us abut his experience at the Wereldkcamp, a youth gathering organized by our Belgian member organisation and which took place at the beginning of July 2022 near Antwerp. The Worldcamp exceeded all my expectations. Firstly because I knew practically no one there, only Flor and Lim who told me about... Continue Reading →

The search for simplicity

This post was translated to English from the original "Hľadanie jednoduchosti". The image of the 21st century human is the pursuit of perfection. The desire and need to have everything right now: to buy fresh mandarins in Slovakia in December, to move from one place to another by the fastest means of transport, to be... Continue Reading →

Casa Velha, from Heart to Earth

By Nicole Forestell, Youth Representative for Development and Peace Eastern Ontario. Original post: Casa Velha, from Heart to Earth – Development and Peace ( Recently, I was given the opportunity to go to the Casa Velha camp, in Portugal, hosted by CIDSE for their Change for the Plant, Care for the People campaign. I am so grateful for this... Continue Reading →

Through appreciation to change

A testimony by MISEREOR young supporters Johanna, Madita and Nadja.Listening to the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the crickets in the grass. Feeling the sun's rays on your skin. Being called by the living sound of the bell. Having inspiring conversations. Living, creating and enjoying in connected community. That is Casa Velha!... Continue Reading →

Faith in action: COP26

On the streets of Glasgow, surrounded by thousands of proactive and passionate young people, I felt the epitome of faith in action. It was one of the most profoundly powerful moments of my life - channeling my faith into the fight for climate justice. Photo by Thom Flint (CAFOD) In early November, I was fortunate... Continue Reading →

4days 4future

In view of the Global Day of Action for climate justice and the COP26 happening in Scotland, two youth groups of MISEREOR and FASTENOPFER supporters (from Germany and Switzerland) lived an unforgettable four days experience in Cologne, to connect and to advocate for climate justice. The testimony below is about 4days4future! Finally a meeting in... Continue Reading →

An international weekend in Leuven

Hi everyone! I am Marie from Belgium, and I was recently given the opportunity to participate in an international weekend organized by CIDSE’s initiative Change for the Planet – Care for the People. It was an amazing three days and I would love to tell you a little bit about it! Honestly, I could go on and on about the weekend. Ever since I... Continue Reading →

Activism means spreading an echo of hope

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate to an international camp organized by CIDSE’s initiative “Change for the Planet – Care for the People” in Leuven, Belgium, together with other young activists from all over Europe. Three days of sharing experiences and reflections on the reality of global environmental social and economic problems linked... Continue Reading →

Time to reflect

These past days have been very intense: I lived moments full of contrasting emotions, at times even destabilizing, which have led me to reflect on the seriousness of the crisis in which we find ourselves, both environmental and social, and on the responsibilities that we all have, but very often we do not take. Participating... Continue Reading →

Guten morgen!

In the past days, we managed to connect to the MISEREOR delegation (Germany) who is actively involved in the "our common journey to COP26" path. Some of them were not in the call, but they are already fully involved in preparing a four days residential which took place during COP26 near Aachen. Thanks once again... Continue Reading →

Weekend at Casa Velha looking at COP26

Portugal’s "Our common journey to COP26" gathering took place in Casa Velha, Ourém on the 4th to the 6th of September. The young supporters arrived from different parts of Portugal to a very welcoming dinner already prepared by the locals of Casa Velha. After dinning together and deepening relationships around the same table, the young... Continue Reading →

Greetings from the UK!

Meet the ‘Step into the Gap’ members of CAFOD’s young adult delegation to Glasgow for COP26! CAFOD’s 36-person young adult delegation will be coming together in Glasgow to take part in the Global Day of Action over the middle weekend of COP. Here the eight ‘Step into the Gap’ volunteers tell us why they are looking forwards to... Continue Reading →

 “We were all working, fighting and learning for the same thing and that’s a spectacular motivation force.” – Sharing back from the Eco Summer Camp in Switzerland 

As a participant of  “Our Common Journey to COP26”, coming from CIDSE member organization FEC –Fundação Fé e Cooperação – I had the amazing opportunity to participate in  the Eco Summer Camp for Young Adults in Switzerland.  During this week, I could connect with people that, coming from different places and with very different backgrounds, think a lot like me; people that are sharing a common search for a more sustainable way of... Continue Reading →

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