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Hello from Belgium! 

It's time for our Belgian young supporters! Meet the Broederlijk Delen delegation for “Our common journey to COP26” / CFTP initiative.  What brought you together as a group? Did you manage to meet in person already?  For the CIDSE project “Our Common Journey to  COP26”, we were able to bring together a diverse group of young people from our organization Broederlijk Delen. Most of them had never met... Continue Reading →

“Volunteering for a fairer and more supportive world”

From August 12 to 15, the delegation of Manos Unidas in Santiago de Compostela organized the II Volunteer Camp/ School for young people. Among the participants, most of them from 18 to 23 years old, Carmen Portela supported as a volunteer in the camp Kitchen service, but also as a member of Manos Unidas and... Continue Reading →

Hola! List@s por la COP26?

Hi everyone, we are the Manos Unidas delegation part of the "Our common journey to COP26" / CFTP initiative! Thanks for reaching us with these questions 😉 What brought you together as a group/delegation?    What brought us together as a group is the fact that we are all volunteering with Manos Unidas (in different delegations). In... Continue Reading →

Launching our common journey to COP 26!

 “Trust the magic of new beginnings” ~ have you ever heard this expression? New beginnings can be exciting, intriguing, scary, … but they are also magic, and it is important to embrace this. This is exactly what we did when we launched “our common journey to COP 26”. On the 21st of April, more than 50 young CIDSE supporters and allies came together, braving the... Continue Reading →

Young people for a paradigm change

I absolutely did not know what to expect when, with the other girls in civil service with me at CISV (a FOCSIV member organization based in Turin), we took the road to Bracciano (never heard of it before) and we ventured to the Scout Base camp where the initiative “Young people for the paradigm shift... Continue Reading →

My experience at A Raíña

The guidelines suggest I should start talking from my personal experience so I would begin talking a little about me. I must confess that I went to the Raíña Paraiso association farm in Mesía (municipality located in A Coruña province) without knowing what I would be encountering. After the first talk of Francisco Raigón, the... Continue Reading →

Virtual inspiration: Laudato Si’ and me

Summer. Friday night. A bowl of homemade popcorn in my hand. I log on to the video conference with eager anticipation to watch the film premiere of our workshop with the other Misereor volunteers from around the world. For three days we had a virtual exchange about what the environmental encyclical Laudato Si’ has to... Continue Reading →

Online Weekend Retreat: Querida Casa Comun

It was the first time that I organized an activity for my job, gathering volunteers from FEC, CIDSE, and Casa Velha, and Casa Velha’s workers. When we imagined this meeting one year ago, it was intended to prepare volunteers for COP26. Participants would learn about climate policies at a European and local scale, watch a documentary,... Continue Reading →

Respecting our Common Home on the streets

“Why are you still joining those climate demonstrations?” This is the most frequently question I get asked by friends and parents when they feel my enthusiasm in joining a climate strike rally. “Does staying comfortable in your office or at home change anything in your opinion?”  I often ask them in return. Since the beginning... Continue Reading →

Moving Together: memories from camp

I was asked to write about my experience at the Our Common Home Camp, a camp of ecological conversion. The etymology of the word “conversion” refers to a circular movement that doesn’t take you somewhere but has its purpose in moving, “living this way”, around the center. “Ecology being in the center” really means “love... Continue Reading →

Our Common Home: A poem

We need to protect our common homeLet’s respect our Earth- it’s the only home we’ve knownBut this doesn’t mean it’s ours to own. The Earth has fallen victim to the greedy capitalist syndromeAttitudes of excess we need to dethrone.Climate change isn’t being overblown, we’ve made the Earth more prone-Why condone a system that has destroyed the... Continue Reading →

Art to make us think

Marburg, a small town in the middle of Germany, was the home of CIDSE’s Inspire Change photo exhibition for the last three months. It all started off when I participated as a volunteer for Misereor at the CIDSE event “Change for the Planet – Care for the People“ in Katowice in December 2018. Through the... Continue Reading →

The Portuguese debate around climate justice

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of February approximately 80 people concerned about the challenges of sustainability and care for our common home joined the ACORDA! program - From ecological conversion to social transformation, in Lisbon, promoted by FEC, Casa Velha and CIDSE, co-financed by the Portuguese Cooperation Agency (Camões I.P.). This program, whose title alludes to... Continue Reading →

Fight Climate Change, Save the Reindeer!

After spending a week with 34 fellow CAFOD campaigners from Katowice, Poland, I returned to Hallam stunned. Why? Because I had been exposed to a reality that is uncomfortable, that affects me directly and which will affect my one-year-old granddaughter, Ada, even more, if we don’t take the opportunity we have right now to avert it.... Continue Reading →

Lifted together by momentum

At the Madrid airport just before taking off for Poland, Claudia and Marco, MU campaign coordinators, told us “This experience will change your life. Enjoy, be attentive, learn and meet many people. We will be here waiting, eager to learn from you “. And so it was. On December 5, five young people from the Spanish... Continue Reading →

To fight a losing battle

Adelaide and Laurent prepare to march for climate in Katowice Adelaide, 28, is an occupational therapist. Her studies and reading have sparked her interest in environmental issues. Though she doesn’t have an activist past, she was in Paris during COP21. Her husband Laurent, also 28, has 10 years of activism experience. He is a lawyer... Continue Reading →

The locals’ opportunity to engage

As a Chinese proverb says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. We believe that any little contribution can make a difference. That’s the feeling we got from all the people that we met outside COP24 in Katowice last December. Thanks to the CIDSE staff, Chiara, Aga and Giorgio, who involved... Continue Reading →

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