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4days 4future

In view of the Global Day of Action for climate justice and the COP26 happening in Scotland, two youth groups of MISEREOR and FASTENOPFER supporters (from Germany and Switzerland) lived an unforgettable four days experience in Cologne, to connect and to advocate for climate justice. The testimony below is about 4days4future! Finally a meeting in... Continue Reading →

Virtual inspiration: Laudato Si’ and me

Summer. Friday night. A bowl of homemade popcorn in my hand. I log on to the video conference with eager anticipation to watch the film premiere of our workshop with the other Misereor volunteers from around the world. For three days we had a virtual exchange about what the environmental encyclical Laudato Si’ has to... Continue Reading →

Art to make us think

Marburg, a small town in the middle of Germany, was the home of CIDSE’s Inspire Change photo exhibition for the last three months. It all started off when I participated as a volunteer for Misereor at the CIDSE event “Change for the Planet – Care for the People“ in Katowice in December 2018. Through the... Continue Reading →

Our impressions: a collective memoire

‘Climate action and climate justice. That’s what we want now.’ This chant gathered many people together who had arrived in Katowice from all over the world to stand up for the protection of our planet and its creatures during the preceding COP24. Among them was our group of 9 motivated volunteers from MISEREOR who spent... Continue Reading →

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