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From August 25th until September 1st, our 4 CIDSE supporters Esther, Louve, Sofia and Fanny participated to the Eco Summer Camp organized by our Swiss member organization Fastenaktion and our friends from Lasalle Institute. That week was filled with learnings on sustainable alternatives, new knowledge on the environmental issues, new friendships, time in nature and... Continue Reading →

Worldcamp (2022) in Belgium – a summary!

Oskar from Broederlijk Delen tells us abut his experience at the Wereldkcamp, a youth gathering organized by our Belgian member organisation and which took place at the beginning of July 2022 near Antwerp. The Worldcamp exceeded all my expectations. Firstly because I knew practically no one there, only Flor and Lim who told me about... Continue Reading →

The search for simplicity

This post was translated to English from the original "Hľadanie jednoduchosti". The image of the 21st century human is the pursuit of perfection. The desire and need to have everything right now: to buy fresh mandarins in Slovakia in December, to move from one place to another by the fastest means of transport, to be... Continue Reading →

Through appreciation to change

A testimony by MISEREOR young supporters Johanna, Madita and Nadja.Listening to the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the crickets in the grass. Feeling the sun's rays on your skin. Being called by the living sound of the bell. Having inspiring conversations. Living, creating and enjoying in connected community. That is Casa Velha!... Continue Reading →

4days 4future

In view of the Global Day of Action for climate justice and the COP26 happening in Scotland, two youth groups of MISEREOR and FASTENOPFER supporters (from Germany and Switzerland) lived an unforgettable four days experience in Cologne, to connect and to advocate for climate justice. The testimony below is about 4days4future! Finally a meeting in... Continue Reading →

 “We were all working, fighting and learning for the same thing and that’s a spectacular motivation force.” – Sharing back from the Eco Summer Camp in Switzerland 

As a participant of  “Our Common Journey to COP26”, coming from CIDSE member organization FEC –Fundação Fé e Cooperação – I had the amazing opportunity to participate in  the Eco Summer Camp for Young Adults in Switzerland.  During this week, I could connect with people that, coming from different places and with very different backgrounds, think a lot like me; people that are sharing a common search for a more sustainable way of... Continue Reading →

Young people for a paradigm change

I absolutely did not know what to expect when, with the other girls in civil service with me at CISV (a FOCSIV member organization based in Turin), we took the road to Bracciano (never heard of it before) and we ventured to the Scout Base camp where the initiative “Young people for the paradigm shift... Continue Reading →

My experience at A Raíña

The guidelines suggest I should start talking from my personal experience so I would begin talking a little about me. I must confess that I went to the Raíña Paraiso association farm in Mesía (municipality located in A Coruña province) without knowing what I would be encountering. After the first talk of Francisco Raigón, the... Continue Reading →

Moving Together: memories from camp

I was asked to write about my experience at the Our Common Home Camp, a camp of ecological conversion. The etymology of the word “conversion” refers to a circular movement that doesn’t take you somewhere but has its purpose in moving, “living this way”, around the center. “Ecology being in the center” really means “love... Continue Reading →

Our Common Home: A poem

We need to protect our common homeLet’s respect our Earth- it’s the only home we’ve knownBut this doesn’t mean it’s ours to own. The Earth has fallen victim to the greedy capitalist syndromeAttitudes of excess we need to dethrone.Climate change isn’t being overblown, we’ve made the Earth more prone-Why condone a system that has destroyed the... Continue Reading →

Ignited for climate action

After a long, hot day of carrying several tents from the UK to Belgium, we reached our destination: Wereldkamp 2018. The smiling faces of the CIDSE volunteers were the first people to greet us, and as soon as we caught sight of the camp there was an undeniable sense of community. Children were playing football... Continue Reading →

Camping under Spanish stars

“Change yourself to save the world.” This refrain is still in my mind. These last five days in Spain will not be easily forgotten. Twenty-five young people, coming from several Spanish regions, met for the first time at a camp to learn how to implement sustainability in their daily lives. The whole initiative comes from... Continue Reading →

An ecological conversion

It was an early start this morning. My alarm went off at 6am and now, we are sat on a train on our way to the camp. To come to Brussels I’ve had to take three days off work so essentially I’m on holiday right now. There are plenty of 25 year olds that would... Continue Reading →

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