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Laudato Si’!

The text below is part of Erika's testimony at the most recent eRko youth sustainable camp, which took place in Slovakia in September 2022. I took part to the most recent Slovakian eco camp organized by eRko – Christian Children Communities Movement – during the third weekend in September. Many young people from different Orava... Continue Reading →

Intergenerational and sustainable camp!

During the first week of August, I participated in the I Intergenerational Sustainable Camp of Manos Unidas "Caring Hands", which took place in a village in the mountains of Madrid, in Villa Santa Monica. During these days, we have worked and carried out numerous activities based on the idea of three types of care: caring... Continue Reading →

The search for simplicity

This post was translated to English from the original "Hľadanie jednoduchosti". The image of the 21st century human is the pursuit of perfection. The desire and need to have everything right now: to buy fresh mandarins in Slovakia in December, to move from one place to another by the fastest means of transport, to be... Continue Reading →

Through appreciation to change

A testimony by MISEREOR young supporters Johanna, Madita and Nadja.Listening to the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the crickets in the grass. Feeling the sun's rays on your skin. Being called by the living sound of the bell. Having inspiring conversations. Living, creating and enjoying in connected community. That is Casa Velha!... Continue Reading →

Virtual inspiration: Laudato Si’ and me

Summer. Friday night. A bowl of homemade popcorn in my hand. I log on to the video conference with eager anticipation to watch the film premiere of our workshop with the other Misereor volunteers from around the world. For three days we had a virtual exchange about what the environmental encyclical Laudato Si’ has to... Continue Reading →

Moving Together: memories from camp

I was asked to write about my experience at the Our Common Home Camp, a camp of ecological conversion. The etymology of the word “conversion” refers to a circular movement that doesn’t take you somewhere but has its purpose in moving, “living this way”, around the center. “Ecology being in the center” really means “love... Continue Reading →

Our Common Home: A poem

We need to protect our common homeLet’s respect our Earth- it’s the only home we’ve knownBut this doesn’t mean it’s ours to own. The Earth has fallen victim to the greedy capitalist syndromeAttitudes of excess we need to dethrone.Climate change isn’t being overblown, we’ve made the Earth more prone-Why condone a system that has destroyed the... Continue Reading →

From conversion to campaigning

"But the most important thing about these experiences is not the action itself, but the commitment that each one of us is assuming in our role as active Christians in society and in relation to caring for the planet, centering our life on the love of God and Creation. For me this is one of... Continue Reading →

The wealth of a simple life

This year I have had the opportunity to attend the “sustainable camp” in Ourem (Portugal) such a Manos Unidas volunteer with other young people from different CIDSE organizations. It has been a good time to stop the day-to-day stress and think about our personal role in the care of our “common home”. “Laudato Sí” calls... Continue Reading →

Thinking about the food we eat

When we look at our plate we rarely consider where the food that makes our meal comes from. For most of us, we go to the grocery store and buy what we need without thinking too much about how the tomatoes made it onto the shelf or even how the cinnamon got into its package.... Continue Reading →

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