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Intergenerational and sustainable camp!

During the first week of August, I participated in the I Intergenerational Sustainable Camp of Manos Unidas "Caring Hands", which took place in a village in the mountains of Madrid, in Villa Santa Monica. During these days, we have worked and carried out numerous activities based on the idea of three types of care: caring... Continue Reading →

Beloved, fragile, fertile, trusting and promised land

Three Manos Unidas volunteers at CIDSE's Sustainable Camp 2022. A family farm, dating back to 1906, converted into a Rural Tourism Centre, where ecology and spirituality go hand in hand. A magical space where three volunteers from Manos Unidas had the opportunity to live and share the connection with nature, people and God through a... Continue Reading →

Hola! List@s por la COP26?

Hi everyone, we are the Manos Unidas delegation part of the "Our common journey to COP26" / CFTP initiative! Thanks for reaching us with these questions ūüėČ What brought you together¬†as a group/delegation?¬†¬†¬† What brought us together as a group is the fact that we are all volunteering with Manos Unidas (in different delegations). In... Continue Reading →

Lifted together by momentum

At the Madrid airport just before taking off for Poland, Claudia and Marco, MU campaign coordinators, told us ‚ÄúThis experience will change your life. Enjoy, be attentive, learn and meet many people. We will be here waiting, eager to learn from you ‚Äú. And so it was. On December 5, five young people from the Spanish... Continue Reading →

Camping under Spanish stars

‚ÄúChange yourself to save the world.‚ÄĚ This refrain is still in my mind. These last five days in Spain will not be easily forgotten. Twenty-five young people, coming from several Spanish regions, met for the first time at a camp to learn how to implement sustainability in their daily lives. The whole initiative comes from... Continue Reading →

From conversion to campaigning

"But the most important thing about these experiences is not the action itself, but the commitment that each one of us is assuming in our role as active Christians in society and in relation to caring for the planet, centering our life on the love of God and Creation. For me this is one of... Continue Reading →

The wealth of a simple life

This year I have had the opportunity to attend the ‚Äúsustainable camp‚ÄĚ in Ourem (Portugal) such a Manos Unidas volunteer with other young people from different CIDSE organizations. It has been a good time to stop the day-to-day stress and think about our personal role in the care of our ‚Äúcommon home‚ÄĚ. ‚ÄúLaudato S√≠‚ÄĚ calls... Continue Reading →

Small changes make a difference

My personal experience in terms of sustainability is of personal growth too. I was always respectful of the environment as I live in a rural area, we are really close to nature. In my family, my mother, early on started to be very active in recycling, so I was fed with this example, but when I... Continue Reading →

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