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From August 25th until September 1st, our 4 CIDSE supporters Esther, Louve, Sofia and Fanny participated to the Eco Summer Camp organized by our Swiss member organization Fastenaktion and our friends from Lasalle Institute. That week was filled with learnings on sustainable alternatives, new knowledge on the environmental issues, new friendships, time in nature and... Continue Reading →

 “We were all working, fighting and learning for the same thing and that’s a spectacular motivation force.” – Sharing back from the Eco Summer Camp in Switzerland 

As a participant of  “Our Common Journey to COP26”, coming from CIDSE member organization FEC –Fundação Fé e Cooperação – I had the amazing opportunity to participate in  the Eco Summer Camp for Young Adults in Switzerland.  During this week, I could connect with people that, coming from different places and with very different backgrounds, think a lot like me; people that are sharing a common search for a more sustainable way of... Continue Reading →

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