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Moving Together: memories from camp

I was asked to write about my experience at the Our Common Home Camp, a camp of ecological conversion. The etymology of the word “conversion” refers to a circular movement that doesn’t take you somewhere but has its purpose in moving, “living this way”, around the center. “Ecology being in the center” really means “love... Continue Reading →

Our Common Home: A poem

We need to protect our common homeLet’s respect our Earth- it’s the only home we’ve knownBut this doesn’t mean it’s ours to own. The Earth has fallen victim to the greedy capitalist syndromeAttitudes of excess we need to dethrone.Climate change isn’t being overblown, we’ve made the Earth more prone-Why condone a system that has destroyed the... Continue Reading →

Fight Climate Change, Save the Reindeer!

After spending a week with 34 fellow CAFOD campaigners from Katowice, Poland, I returned to Hallam stunned. Why? Because I had been exposed to a reality that is uncomfortable, that affects me directly and which will affect my one-year-old granddaughter, Ada, even more, if we don’t take the opportunity we have right now to avert it.... Continue Reading →

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