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Guten morgen!

In the past days, we managed to connect to the MISEREOR delegation (Germany) who is actively involved in the "our common journey to COP26" path. Some of them were not in the call, but they are already fully involved in preparing a four days residential which took place during COP26 near Aachen. Thanks once again for your amazing commitment and... let's start with the question 🙂

What brought you together as a group/delegation?   

Most of us have  done an international voluntary service with MISEREOR. This means that we spent 10 months living and working with project partners in the Global South in Africa, Latin America and Asia. This experience has shaped and influenced us a lot and changed our views of the world. We still meet in a big group as we feel very committed to climate justice issues on a local and global level. We believe that when many people dream together and connect, it is the beginning of a new reality.

Who are the components of your delegation?  

We are a group of 9 former volunteers of MISEREOR and we live all over Germany and in Belgium. Most of us are studying at the moment.

While some members of our group have already been nourished by their experiences around COP24 in Katowice, others are new on board, which makes mutual enrichment possible.

How are you getting ready for COP26?  

From May on we participated in CIDSE’s webinars and in November we will finally meet in person again for a workshop together with the Swiss delegation! We are coming together for “4days 4 future!” in Cologne. We are going to visit the open cast mine in the lignite mining region Rhineland where at the moment houses, churches, forests and fertile farmland are to be consumed by the mines. Even so the coal exit is absolutely necessary to stay within the 1,5°-limit, big energy corporations continue their destruction. Some of us are very engaged in the resistance movement in the region. We want to show solidarity with local people and to demonstrate that the lignite has to be kept in the ground, to stay within 1,5°C of global warming.

In a sentence, how would you describe your delegation vibes/atmosphere? 

We are looking forward to meeting in person again as it makes real exchange a lot more vital and easier. Our group is very committed, we are all doing different things and bring in different talents and skills to make the world a more just place.

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