Faith in action: COP26

On the streets of Glasgow, surrounded by thousands of proactive and passionate young people, I felt the epitome of faith in action. It was one of the most profoundly powerful moments of my life - channeling my faith into the fight for climate justice. Photo by Thom Flint (CAFOD) In early November, I was fortunate... Continue Reading →

4days 4future

In view of the Global Day of Action for climate justice and the COP26 happening in Scotland, two youth groups of MISEREOR and FASTENOPFER supporters (from Germany and Switzerland) lived an unforgettable four days experience in Cologne, to connect and to advocate for climate justice. The testimony below is about 4days4future! Finally a meeting in... Continue Reading →

An international weekend in Leuven

Hi everyone! I am Marie from Belgium, and I was recently given the opportunity to participate in an international weekend organized by CIDSE’s initiative Change for the Planet – Care for the People. It was an amazing three days and I would love to tell you a little bit about it! Honestly, I could go on and on about the weekend. Ever since I... Continue Reading →

Activism means spreading an echo of hope

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate to an international camp organized by CIDSE’s initiative “Change for the Planet – Care for the People” in Leuven, Belgium, together with other young activists from all over Europe. Three days of sharing experiences and reflections on the reality of global environmental social and economic problems linked... Continue Reading →

Time to reflect

These past days have been very intense: I lived moments full of contrasting emotions, at times even destabilizing, which have led me to reflect on the seriousness of the crisis in which we find ourselves, both environmental and social, and on the responsibilities that we all have, but very often we do not take. Participating... Continue Reading →

Guten morgen!

In the past days, we managed to connect to the MISEREOR delegation (Germany) who is actively involved in the "our common journey to COP26" path. Some of them were not in the call, but they are already fully involved in preparing a four days residential which took place during COP26 near Aachen. Thanks once again... Continue Reading →

Weekend at Casa Velha looking at COP26

Portugal’s "Our common journey to COP26" gathering took place in Casa Velha, Ourém on the 4th to the 6th of September. The young supporters arrived from different parts of Portugal to a very welcoming dinner already prepared by the locals of Casa Velha. After dinning together and deepening relationships around the same table, the young... Continue Reading →

Greetings from the UK!

Meet the ‘Step into the Gap’ members of CAFOD’s young adult delegation to Glasgow for COP26! CAFOD’s 36-person young adult delegation will be coming together in Glasgow to take part in the Global Day of Action over the middle weekend of COP. Here the eight ‘Step into the Gap’ volunteers tell us why they are looking forwards to... Continue Reading →

 “We were all working, fighting and learning for the same thing and that’s a spectacular motivation force.” – Sharing back from the Eco Summer Camp in Switzerland 

As a participant of  “Our Common Journey to COP26”, coming from CIDSE member organization FEC –Fundação Fé e Cooperação – I had the amazing opportunity to participate in  the Eco Summer Camp for Young Adults in Switzerland.  During this week, I could connect with people that, coming from different places and with very different backgrounds, think a lot like me; people that are sharing a common search for a more sustainable way of... Continue Reading →

Hello from Belgium! 

It's time for our Belgian young supporters! Meet the Broederlijk Delen delegation for “Our common journey to COP26” / CFTP initiative.  What brought you together as a group? Did you manage to meet in person already?  For the CIDSE project “Our Common Journey to  COP26”, we were able to bring together a diverse group of young people from our organization Broederlijk Delen. Most of them had never met... Continue Reading →

Hola! List@s por la COP26?

Hi everyone, we are the Manos Unidas delegation part of the "Our common journey to COP26" / CFTP initiative! Thanks for reaching us with these questions 😉 What brought you together as a group/delegation?    What brought us together as a group is the fact that we are all volunteering with Manos Unidas (in different delegations). In... Continue Reading →

Launching our common journey to COP 26!

 “Trust the magic of new beginnings” ~ have you ever heard this expression? New beginnings can be exciting, intriguing, scary, … but they are also magic, and it is important to embrace this. This is exactly what we did when we launched “our common journey to COP 26”. On the 21st of April, more than 50 young CIDSE supporters and allies came together, braving the... Continue Reading →

Young people for a paradigm change

I absolutely did not know what to expect when, with the other girls in civil service with me at CISV (a FOCSIV member organization based in Turin), we took the road to Bracciano (never heard of it before) and we ventured to the Scout Base camp where the initiative “Young people for the paradigm shift... Continue Reading →

My experience at A Raíña

The guidelines suggest I should start talking from my personal experience so I would begin talking a little about me. I must confess that I went to the Raíña Paraiso association farm in Mesía (municipality located in A Coruña province) without knowing what I would be encountering. After the first talk of Francisco Raigón, the... Continue Reading →

Virtual inspiration: Laudato Si’ and me

Summer. Friday night. A bowl of homemade popcorn in my hand. I log on to the video conference with eager anticipation to watch the film premiere of our workshop with the other Misereor volunteers from around the world. For three days we had a virtual exchange about what the environmental encyclical Laudato Si’ has to... Continue Reading →

Online Weekend Retreat: Querida Casa Comun

It was the first time that I organized an activity for my job, gathering volunteers from FEC, CIDSE, and Casa Velha, and Casa Velha’s workers. When we imagined this meeting one year ago, it was intended to prepare volunteers for COP26. Participants would learn about climate policies at a European and local scale, watch a documentary,... Continue Reading →

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